Origami Branding


Origami provides a bookkeeping and accounting solution for small businesses in Canada. They take care of your receipts, sales records, government notices and tax return. Your books will be up to date, and your government remittances are filed.

Origami Concept
Origami Logo
Origami Logo Concept


Blangk revamped Origami’s new brand positioning, strategy, visual identity for their expansion and mission. Blangk created a custom-designed typeface that combines some elements of the old logo with wet fold origami technique. It creates harmony between the past and present of the company. The new brand has a bold and minimal approach which reference back to Origami’s easy and simple business model for small business owner.

Origami Animal
Origami Direct Mail in Canada
Origami Direct Mail in Canada
Origami Animal Salmon
Origami Accounting
Art Direction:
Lenny Ming Lo
Kazuko Sasahara, Lenny Ming Lo
Graphic Design:
Lenny Ming Lo, Kazuko Sasahara, Sae Shigeto