2nd Property Logo

2nd Property Logo Concept

2nd Property is a company that specializes in the management of commercial buildings. Our objective for the logo was to create a design that would blend in well with other logos, as it would be displayed alongside many others at the building. For this reason, we decided to go with a monotone color scheme that complements various color combinations. The shape of the logo represents a building to symbolize their focus on commercial property management. The playful design gives clients a sense of fun and relaxation, as owning and maintaining a property can be stressful at times.

2nd Property Logo Concept
2nd Property Business Card Front Side
2nd Property Business Card Back Side

Business Card Concept

For 2nd Property, we designed a business card that features a crease, allowing it to be bent and stand upright on a surface. This business card design mimics the appearance of a building, perfectly reflecting the company’s property management focus. The business card not only serves its traditional purpose but also acts as a memorable and engaging miniature structure, leaving a lasting impression on tenants.

2nd Property Logo Concept
2nd Property Note
2nd Property Letterhead
2nd Property For Rent Poster
2nd Property Stationery
Project:2nd Property Inc.
Client:2nd Property Branding Identity
Art Direction:Sihan Chen @ Fancii & Co.
Graphic Design:Lenny Ming Lo, Sae Shigeto, Kazuko Sasahara