Top 15 designs revealed in Dezeen and Samsung’s TV Ambient Mode Competition

Hiding Ninja

“Hiding Ninja” mimics the wall on the screen and it reminds us of a ninja we would see in a cartoon, where they often behind walls or trees. We felt it would be a fun take for the ambient mode on the new QLED TV. It creates a subtle yet fun add-on. When activated, the screen mimics the wall behind the screen. A subtle rectangular contour line shown in the middle. This creates curiosity and brings people towards the screen. When the viewer walks toward it, the ninja will appear in a random location. “Hiding Ninja” becomes a great talking point for the owner to start a conservation with family and friends about their QLED TV. Blangk created the concept for “Dezeen and Samsung’s TV Ambient Mode Competition” and reached top 15 in the world. Learn More

Dezeen and Samsung's TV Ambient Mode Competition