Flying Dragon Branding
Illustration of Bruce eating noodle soup
Curry Brisket Rice Poster

Flying Dragon
Branding and Identity

We designed the branding for “Flying Dragon,” a new restaurant in Alberta, Canada, that serves Northern China-inspired fusion food. Specializing in authentic housemade noodles and dumplings, Flying Dragon offers a unique dining experience that blends traditional flavors with modern twists. Our design approach aims to captivate audiences who are passionate about Asian fusion cuisine, creating a visual identity that reflects the restaurant’s innovative and culturally rich offerings.

Flying Dragon Illustration
Housemade Noodles Poster
Different Kinds of Noodle Soups Poster

The Concept of the Brand

The concept of Flying Dragon branding is rooted in the restaurant owner’s passion for sharing Chinese cuisine and culture with Canada. The owner has a deep love for both cooking and martial arts, viewing them as two interconnected forms of art. To honor this unique combination of interests, we decided to blend the art of cooking with the art of martial arts in the brand’s identity. This fusion not only reflects the owner’s personal journey and passions but also brings a dynamic and culturally rich experience to the restaurant’s patrons. By integrating these two disciplines, the Flying Dragon brand vividly showcases the elegance, skill, and tradition inherent in both Chinese culinary arts and martial arts.

Flying Dragon Card
Beef Brisket with Vegetable Noodle Soup Poster
Noodle Soup From Flying Dragon
Flying Dragon Logo Variations
Handmade Dumplings from Flying Dragon
Skewers Poster for Flying Dragon
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Flying Dragon posters on the brick wall in the street
Project:Flying Dragon Branding
Client:Flying Dragon
Art Direction:Lenny Ming Lo
Graphic Design:Sae Shigeto, Kazuko Kasahara